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Herm is an island of great beauty
and tranquillity, which offers a
retreat from the modern world
and a return to life’s purest
pleasures: walking, swimming,
observing wildlife, eating and
sharing happy times with friends
and family. People come from
near and far to let the stresses
and strains of life melt into the
warm waters of the Gulf Stream
but, despite its popularity, there
is an absence of crowds even in
the height of the season.With no
cars, no transistor radios and no
pressures to do anything, this is
the place of childhood memories:
clean, safe and a source of endless
Herm has an incredibly rich
history: from Neolithic resting
place to monastic sanctuary and
from allegiance to the Duchy of
Normandy to hive of industry in
the 19th century with its granite
quarries. Over the centuries
the Island has been let to some
very eccentric tenants including
the Prussian Prince Blücher von
Wahlstatt who introduced a
colony of wallabies (long-since
vanished), writer Compton
Mackenzie who wrote ‘Whisky
Galore’, and Sir Percival Perry, a
Chairman of Ford who gave the
White House Hotel its name
in homage to his transatlantic
During the Occupation, Herm
was spared the concrete
structures that scar the coasts
of the other islands and after
the war it was bought from the
Crown by the States of Guernsey
to ensure that visitors could
enjoy it in perpetuity.The search
for a suitable tenant ended in
1949 with the arrival of theWood
family who worked tirelessly
to create an outstanding legacy
before passing the mantle to the
Starboard Settlement in 2008.
The island’s new guardians are
dedicated to ensuring that its
natural beauty and peacefulness
are preserved for future
Castaway to an island of clear waters and golden
sands, wild cliff paths and tended gardens, cosy
Inns and fine dining, pretty cottages and country-
style hotel luxury, and a history rich in smugglers’
spoils and Prussian princes. In this little pocket
of the Channel Islands you will discover a unique
holiday destination with a landscape as diverse
as its history.
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