Herm Island Brochure - page 5

Getting to Herm is just a twenty-
minute ferry ride from St Peter
Port.At high tide the boat docks
in the small harbour and at low
tide passengers disembark at
the whitewashed Rosaire Steps
before making their way along
the track to the hub of this small
community. Here you will find
a collection of gift shops and
taverns as well as the stunning
White House Hotel with its
award-winning gardens.
Following the path around the
coast leads to the splendour of
Shell Beach with its white sands
stretching back as far as the eye
can see, strewn with the millions
of shells that give it its name.
The track winds on to heavenly
Belvoir Bay, the perfect spot to
while away a few hours and bathe
in the impossibly clear waters.
Both Shell Beach and Belvoir
Bay are home to cafés serving
fantastic coffee and sandwiches all
day - as well as the all-important
ice creams.
Through the centre of the Island
runs the tranquil Spine Lane,
which stretches from the dunes
to the clifftops.At sundown,
swallows sweep up and down
this lane and the stunning variety
of butterflies that adorn the
hedgerows is testament to the
environmentally friendly way that
the island is managed. By the
time you reach the picturesque
campsite, you will start to feel
that Herm has been lifted straight
from the pages of a 1950s
children’s adventure book.
In the heart of the island are the
granite holiday cottages with
gardens full of tropical plants,
where visitors can live the Herm
life for a while.This is also where
the tiny 11th Century chapel,
Manor and Keep can be found.
Look closely and you may even
spot the resident peregrines
standing sentinel on an ancient
Herm is as perfect for parents
who want carefree fun for their
family as it is for those seeking
solitude and relaxation. If you are
the former, you will watch your
children blossom in the freedom
that the island offers and if you
are the latter, you will find many
a spot to take a breath and enjoy
being away from it all.
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