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The climate in the Channel Islands
is a few degrees warmer than the
south of England and so we enjoy
mild springs and long summers.
But Herm can be enjoyed all year
round and Christmas in particular
brings its own charm as guests
hole up in one of the cottages for
a wonderful familyYuletide.
Whatever the season, one of
the biggest attractions of Herm
is the way it draws you in to
the great outdoors to make the
most of its natural splendour.
As well as the glorious beaches,
the island also boasts fabulous
cliff-paths with wild flowers in
abundance and seabirds from
puffins to turnstones with every
type in between.There is also
a sizeable colony of Atlantic
grey seals that have made their
home in the northern rocky
outcrop and nature reserve of
The Humps. Recordings of minke
whales, harbour porpoises and
risso dolphins are frequent and
both bottlenose and common
dolphins are regularly observed.
Occasionally there are sightings of
basking sharks, the largest fish in
European waters.To get a ringside
view, you can arrange a RIB ride,
a leisurely cruise or charter your
own yacht.
The temperate climate allows
for an exotic and broad array of
flora from fuchsia-pink foxgloves
to succulents not generally seen
in the northern hemisphere.
The common alone boasts more
than five hundred species of
wildflower.Tenants dating back
to the late 18th century have left
their mark on the landscape with
the introduction of new species
such as Monterey pines and New
Zealand flax and if you look up as
you explore you will be amazed
by the diversity of the canopy.
There is always something new to
discover on Herm.Although you
can walk around it in less than
two hours, the changing tides,
light and seasons create enough
views, colours and moods to
last a lifetime.The fact that the
island is one and a half miles long
makes its diversity all the more
remarkable - and all the more
accessible. Perhaps that is why so
many visitors return year after
year to discover it all over again.
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