Plant Life

From early springtime onwards the large variety of wild flowers on Herm Island flourish in an ideal environment completely undisturbed by the march of time.

To the north of the island and almost carpeting the heathland the Burnet Rose is well established. This is a sprawling shrub but reduced no doubt, by rabbits which nibble the young shoots. The creamy blossoms appear in June and have a delicate fragrance. Rush, and Marram Grass flourish in the sand dunes, but the attractive Sea Holly, with it's silver-green leaves and bright blue thistle like flowers, as well as the Yellow Horned Poppy, are in danger of elimination.

The southern cliffs of Herm Island are home to the various Heathers, Stonecrop, Seapinks, and Rock Samphire all of which are found growing in natural terraces that have been worn away by the winter gales.

If you climb the wooded drive towards the church and which is flanked by giant Cypreses, Pines and Eucalyptus trees, you will no doubt see the many beautiful ferns and the following plants can also be found...Periwinkle, Woodspurge, Red Broomrape and Ivy Broomrape, Red Campion. Lords and Ladies, Ramsons, Foxglove, Rose of Sharon, Purple Toadflax, Triangular stalked Garlic, also the Gladdon (Iris family) with its impressive seed pods of red/orange in the autumn.

These are but a few of the wild flowers to be found in an afternoon's ramble, and who knows, you might find something unexpected like....the Star of Bethlehem

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Island Life

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